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Fam Camp Open House

Join us for our Online Fam Camp Open House Q&A on Sunday June 11, 2023 as we get ready for a great time and experience.

This Q&A is to assist you as you get ready for our Summer Event. Meet your Hosts and find out about the activities planned for you. Even though this is a time for fun and adventure it is also a time for some skill building and an introduction into preparedness for you, your family and more...

Join us to know how to prepare and get ready for this special event. See you there!

Use this link to register for this session and get connected for the Q&A

June 11, 2023 (Sunday 3:00PM EST)

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Unknown member
Jun 10, 2023

I'm looking forward to seeing y'all on Sunday!!! Abibifahodie / Òmìnira (liberation) and nupojipetọ (sovereignty)!!!

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