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About Us


Survival & Preparedness


Commitment to the Afrikan Community

Black To NTR Survival & Preparedness has been designed specifically for the AFRIKAN FAMILY in mind.

The Afrikan Family throughout the diaspora has been reliant mostly on sources and guidelines for Survival and Preparedness that has already taken us out of the equation.

What has been presented to us on the subject of survival and how we relate to it at large comes from a culture that is serious about its own survival and does not represent us, or even care about us. The many sources that are on-line are often hosted by popular and/or well known individuals ranging from Survivalist Instructors, Military, ex- Military, Law Enforcement, Specialist, Contractors and Special Interest groups and more, that are not a part of Your Community. 

Taking this into account there is a serious need for the Afrikan Community to have and maintain its own source of communications, planning, training and access to resources and Survival & Preparedness Networking...

This is why Black To NTR has been established for you.

Black to NTR

It is time for us to return to our own sources and to devote ourselves to our own Survival as an Afrikan Family.

Our Worthy Ankhcestors (Ancestors), Our Warrior Ankhcestors, Our Institution Builders have showed us the immensity of self worth, and are waiting on us to commit those ways that have already been proven and to pass on that foundational understanding of committed Preparedness onto our future generations.

Black To NTR is a growing province and network, with a mission to create opportunities for our children and families to connect with for the fundamental Survival Skills that are needed. This is accomplished by providing sustainable education, working with Afrikan Survivalist and establishing strong partnerships of readiness. 

Black To NTR 

Returning to the cause and material basis of all things and to the many attributes of our Surthrival.

Our Aim


“ Humans have the most important role in the alteration of their own condition. No matter what dire circumstances we may be trapped in, if we do not make the right efforts in the right amounts, we never shall escape them.”



One of the aims of Black to NTR is to provide you with an understanding of what Survival is and to establish a Plan of Preparedness, intentionally bringing Preparedness Training and Awareness into your daily routine.


Natural Disasters -- Social Disorder -- Urban Survival -- Rural/Wilderness Survival --State of Emergency


Malcom X has told us - “I for one, believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they’ll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action” 


Water/Food Security & Sovereignty -- Skill Building -- Family Planning -- Liberation Strategies


Overall - Our Survival, Our Sovereingty and Our Sustainability relies upon what we are doing NOW to secure the future or the Long Term Surthrival of Our Families, Communities and Ultimately our Collective UNITY. 


Below are some of the areas of work that is offered by Black to NTR.   

Here you are provided with resources and opportunnities that will help you to develop and increase your surthrival and awareness skills.


There will be ongoing and seasonal offerings and even a marketplce for you to participate in.

Subscribe for updates, Sign up for classes and events and more...


 Let's Build Together

Classes & Workshops


Black to NTR offers a number of interactive and individual based classes, workshops and training sessions. You can participate in group studies or study at your own pace.

Take advantage of seasonal classes that connect you to applications for Survival & Family planning. 

Workshops & Presentations are also provided throughout the calendar year which target on specific areas skill sets and personal development.

Need to have a presentation where you are, we're just a call away.

Group & Individual Training


Take your skills to the next level. Sign up for some of the rural camping experiences done at various times throughout the year. Bring your lessons to life - connect with the Elements and Nature.

Embrace the outdoors, challenge yourself, overcome the fear of the unknown, train for different experiences and conditionns.

This is where you can develop and apply some of the skills that your Ankhcestors have performed and surthrived in.


The Camps & Trainings are also offered for target areas of skillset development, includung shelter building - foraging - navigation - hunting - defense/security tactics & more...

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