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Black to NTR 2024 Fam Camp - Survival & Preparedness Training

Afrikan Family Survival & Preparedness Training

Yes, it's happening once again!

The BTN Fam Camp Experience

August 6-11, 2024

Act now and reserve your place at this year's special event.

In August 2024, Black to NTR will be hosting two spectacular sessions for you to participate in to increase your training and build up your skills.

Are you up for the challenge to come out of your comfort zone?

This is a great opportunity for individuals, families or groups regardless of experience to come out and learn something new or build upon what you already know.

In the first session of this camp - Aug 6-8, you will engage in a setting that will provide you with the experience to increase your Survival Skill Sets while building up your surthrival mindset. Complete this session with the confidence to better manage your decision making with your emergency preparedness plans and strategies.

Surthrival Life Skills

In the second session of this camp - Aug 8-11 you will be provided with some timely hands-on Personal Defense Training from some seasoned and experienced instructors. Expose yourself to a learning experience that will be a valuable asset to your personal and home defense planning.

Take part in one or both sessions for a full camp experience.

The choice is yours.

Follow the link below for the event details, schedules and how to book your spot.
Need additional information?
Join our Meet & Greet - Q&A sessions in order to meet your host and gain more details for this special event.

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