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BTN & MLL Black History Workshop

Black to NTR & Maroon Life Learning are providing you with a connection to a free workshop that will take a closer look at how to manage your Survival & Preparedness plans and put them into action.

During Black History Month there is always a connection made to many teachers and leaders that have given us a history to embrace and plans for self worth and identity.

You may still ask, "How does Survival & Preparedness relate to Black History Month?"

Throughout the many lessons and examples of Black History and our connections to Afrikan Culture and Heritage, we have been provided with an astounding blueprint for success and means to prepare ourselves by gathering our resources to protect our loved one for generations to come.

Let's come together and connect with some of those examples and better our current plans of for our Survival, our Preparedness and Actions for our Liberation.

Visit the Community Partners page and connect there for the free workshop.

Or click here to connect.

Sunday -- February 20, '22 -- 2pm EST

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