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Community Sponsors

Sponsorship Benefits

Here is an opportunity for your Business or Organization to be part of a Sustainable Cooperative within in the Black community.

Take advantage of becoming a Sponsor here at Black To NTR. 

Your Sponsorship and support can help to further promote the ongoing efforts that are offered through this site, organization and Community Partners.

On behalf of your support, your business/organization will receive various gifts, discounts and special offers here on this website.

Below you will find different levels of Sponsorship provided with descriptions of each of their benefits.

Under $100 

Any/All Contributions make a difference and will be recognized appropriately. 

For the General Contributor Level on the left you will receive.

  • Access to Website Newsletter

  • Promotional Gift

  • Letter of Thanks


Also included with each of the above sponsorship levels:

  • Access to Website Newsletter

  • Marketplace Discounts

  • Letter of Thanks

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