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Shipping & Handling


Most orders will be shipped within 24-48 hrs. of receipt, although it may take up to 4 business days to ship some orders, depending on factors such as how busy the warehouses are at any given time, etc. Orders received after 6pm Eastern time will not begin processing until the following business day. For example, if we receive your order at 9:30pm Eastern time on Tuesday, it will begin processing Wednesday at 10am. The 24-48 hour processing time begins when an order enters processing, not when it is actually placed.

Every order is equally important to us, and we ship every order out just as quickly as we can. However, if you must have your merchandise by a certain date, we suggest you place the order early enough to avoid disappointment if your merchandise does not arrive on time. We do not accept returns of shipments because they did not arrive by a certain date.



As we all know, practically every website you visit these days is offering free shipping, whether it be on all orders, orders over a certain amount, etc. While most customers seem to love free shipping, it is not really free. The vast majority of sites have such a large markup built into their product prices that they can afford to offer free shipping and still make a profit. The exception to this is sometimes when e-commerce sites are having slow sales, they will offer free shipping in order to stimulate sales for a short time, even if they're not making a profit.

Here at, we take a somewhat different approach to free shipping. We offer our products at the lowest price possible, and then add a modest shipping charge, which in most cases is below our cost, so on many orders we subsidize the shipping cost. Our philosophy is offer the customer a great price, and don’t play games with gimmicks such as free shipping which is not really free, as that shipping charge is built into the cost of the merchandise you purchase. 

We recognize that shoppers love free shipping offers, so frequently, we do offer free shipping on order sizes where we can do this and still not lose money. Due to our low prices, when you order certain oversize items you will be charged a small shipping charge even if your order otherwise qualifies for free shipping. On larger sized items, we aren't always able to absorb the entire shipping charge, therefore you may be charged just a few dollars on an otherwise free shipping order when your order includes some of these items.

(This modest charge helps offset the cost of shipping these oversize items, the rest of your order is NOT charged shipping). 

There is one exception to these rules, and that is that orders of $1,000.00 or more ALWAYS get free ground shipping, with no exclusions for oversize items, (unless otherwise specified) which are very heavy and require special shipping arrangements. NOTE: If there is another promotion in effect that gives you a bigger discount than the free shipping on a $1,000+ order, you will receive that discount instead. Example: You place an order for $1,100.00, the shipping charges are $32.50, but if there was currently a 10% off store wide discount in effect, that discount would be $110.00, so you would get that discount instead of the $32.50 free shipping discount. 

Shipping costs are calculated in real time in the shopping cart at time of checkout, and will be displayed beside each shipping method option.. We ship by both UPS and U.S. Postal Service for ground shipping. The selection is made based on the size, weight and dimensions of the order. Please note that shipments to most destinations within the continental United States take 2-3 business days to reach their destination via ground shipping. Certain locations, such as the majority of the Pacific Coast States,some parts of the upper midwest and the upper Northeast may take 4-5 business days to reach their destination. The shipping carriers do not count Saturday and Sunday as business days, so the shipping transit times referred to above do not include Saturdays and Sundays.

Back Orders / Out of Stock:

If your item contains multiple items, and 1 or 2 are not on hand, we will usually ship your order, and then ship the other items within 2-4 days when they are available again. In this case, you will not be charged any extra shipping charges for the 2nd shipment. Back ordered items in the 2nd shipment will be shipped via UPS or the U.S. Postal Service depending on size and destination, determined by our shipping department, which may be different from the original order.





Most of our shipments are expected to arrive to the customer safe and sound. However occasionally items in a shipment are damaged in transit. All merchandise is carefully inspected prior to shipping, and professionally packed using high strength corrugated boxes and appropriate fill materials. If you should receive damaged items, YOU MUST RETAIN ALL SHIPPING CARTONS AND PACKING MATERIALS AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. This is necessary because when we file a damage claim with the shipper, sometimes they want to collect the merchandise and packaging for inspection. As soon as we are notified by the shipper whether or not they wish to inspect the package we will let you know. If so, they will make arrangements with you directly to pick up the package(s). As soon as the claim is accepted by the shipper (in most cases this is within 24-48 hours), we will ship out your replacement items.





We take great pride in ensuring that your order is shipped accurately. Each order is checked for accuracy before shipping. In the unlikely event that there are any discrepancies in your order, (i.e. items missing or wrong item shipped) please notify us by email or telephone within 2 business days of receipt of shipment. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor any claims for order discrepancies if not reported to us in a timely manner (within 2 business days of receipt of order).




Customers outside of the USA - please read this section before placing your order.


We will ship to most destinations worldwide via UPS, DHL and the postal service. Extra charges may apply if your items are large in size. Insurance is included in the shipping amount.


Some of the items we sell may not be allowed into your country. If you order goods to be shipped to an address outside of the USA, in effect you have become an importer. It is the responsibility of all importers to know whether or not the merchandise they order is allowed to be imported by their country's customs regulations. If you are in doubt about the legality of the items you want to order, we suggest you contact your country's customs and make the appropriate inquiries before placing your order. We are not responsible for any items that do not clear or are seized by customs, and no refunds or allowances will be made.

Of course, any import duties, etc. levied by your home country are payable by you at time of delivery and are your responsibility as well. Also, for Canada only- there is a U.P.S. brokerage fee which is collected by U.P.S. at time of delivery. This fee is for U.P.S. acting as the customs broker for your shipment. The minimum brokerage fee is $10.00, however it could be more depending on the value of the shipment. This applies to U.P.S. shipments only, there is no brokerage fee levied on postal shipments. Please contact us by telephone or email should you have any questions regarding this.

**Shipment of international orders is by Global Priority Mail. Express mail is also available at a higher shipping price, if you specifiy it. We can also ship to most international destinations via UPS or DHL.

**All customs duties are the responsibility of the customer. Also, customs regulations vary by country. Please make sure that the items you are ordering are legal to own in your country. We are not responsible for, and no refunds will be given, for items that do not clear your country's customs.



The following applies only to orders being shipped to an address in VA. Orders to all other states WILL NOT have sales tax added to them. If you are shipping to an address in Virginia (where we are headquartered), we are required to collect 5.3% Virginia sales tax. 



-WHEN WILL MY ORDER SHIP? For order status inquiries, please email us at and you will receive a prompt reply. Be sure to put your order number in your inquiry so that we can locate it in our system, and put "order status" in your email title.

-IS THERE A MINIMUM ORDER? At the present moment, we do not not have a minimum order requirement.

-DO YOU SHIP COD? All orders are shipped prepaid only. We may consider COD terms once you become an established customer. Please contact us for more information.

-CAN I ORDER BY TELEPHONE? Orders by phone are not currently accepted. However questions about products and delivery are accepted. 

-CAN I PAY BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER? If you would like to pay by money order, please do the following:

-Put all the items you would like in the shopping cart.

-Go to checkout, enter your name and address information, and pick your shipping method. This will give you the total due.

-Print out the shopping cart page, and send along with your money order to our mailing address (at the top of this page).


-Money orders from Canadian customers must be drawn in U.S. funds, and an additional $10.00 USD must be added to the total due when sending the money order, to cover the foreign exchange fee that our bank charges us to process the money order. Money orders received from Canadian customers not meeting this criteria will be returned un-cashed.

-Mail orders paid by money order may experience a processing delay of a few days while the money order is verified and processed through the banking system.

-We strongly suggest you do NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL! We are not responsible for the loss of any cash sent through the mail.

-WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE TO ORDER? Due to state laws, we do not sell to anyone under 18 years of age. New customers will have their first order shipped "ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED" in order to insure that products are not shipped to minors.

-IS THE ITEM I WANT TO ORDER LEGAL IN MY STATE OR CITY? While every item we sell is legal to own in our home state, some of the items that we sell are illegal to possess in certain states, so we will not ship any item to an area where we know it to be prohibited. We try to list the ownership restrictions if any, in the descriptions of each items. If you order a prohibited item, we will contact you by email to let you know and see what you want to do about the balance of your order. However, laws change frequently and there are literally hundreds of state and local jurisdictions throughout the U.S. all with varying laws. So ultimately, it is your responsibility, not ours, to determine if the items you want to order are legal to own in your location. If you are in doubt, check your local laws before ordering.



By purchasing any item sold by, the buyer expressly warrants that he/she is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership, and use of the item. It shall be the buyer's responsibility to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws governing the sale of any items listed, illustrated or sold. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, or use of the item in violation of applicable Federal, State, and Local laws or regulations. Buyer further warrants that he/she is 18 years of age or older, and understands that some items sold by are dangerous if misused. Buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless for injuries which may result from use of products sold by us.

PLEASE NOTE: Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the descriptions and prices of the items on our website, this information is inputted by humans, which as we all know make mistakes from time to time. When we are made aware of such an error we correct it as quickly as is possible, however we are not responsible for typographical errors inadvertently made on the site. For example, if one of our webmasters accidentally posts the price of an item that is supposed to be $100.00 as $1.00, we will correct the error as soon as we learn of it, but we will not sell that item for the erroneous $1.00 price. The fact that retailers are not responsible for typographical errors has been well documented by countless legal decisions.

Thank you for your understanding.

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