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Rural Survival Planning 2023

Sovereign Planning

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Service Description

This online course is for anyone looking to enhance their Survival Mindset and levels of Preparedness before having to embrace the many challenges that are unique to a Rural environment. The necessity for having a Rural Survival Plan can become a matter of extending the positive outcomes and circumstances when faced with the severity of a disaster or crisis. This course will help you do several things even if you are new or at a basic level of skill in the outdoor environment, It will help you to understand Survival Priorities, Building a Basic Survival Kit, understand what items should be included for when, why, and how to use these items in a state of emergency. Some things to consider: Rural/Wilderness living is based on conditions where you can have the ability to live off the land by producing the majority of your own day to day resources. It is not only about having a bug out bag, a place to go to when getting away from an urban disaster or having an off the grid bunker. It is a way of life that connects you to nature and your environment but also positions you with a different pace and appreciation to your everyday activities. However, a natural or man made disaster will change all of that and force you to have to make timely decisions and actions just to survive. Rural Survival is dependent on the skills and abilities to survive a crisis or disaster in a non urban environment that can be both widespread and prolonged. It is the ability to stay positive and have have a survival mindset to your advantage and bolster your mental strength to carry you through your survival situation. This course will not provide you with all of the things you should do or not do in a disaster or crisis but it will provide you with important steps that you can take to develop that very important plan for yourself or your loved ones. This is not just a collection of useful tips, tricks and hacks for Rural Survival - It is a straight forward approach to setting up your own Rural Survival System. What you'll learn: * This course will teach the key elements of how to survive in various Rural environments and conditions * Know how to manage your activities during times of a disaster. * Know how to establish perimeter defense. * Know how to put your plan together and how to engage it when time is of the essence. And Much More... Links for the online sessions will be provided upon successful booking.

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