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How Much Time Do You Have?

When seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours, then hours turn into days...

Do you have what it takes to get yourself out of a critical situation? What have you done to secure your chances of survival?

You may be faced with just a few seconds in which you need to make a life altering decision. Depending on the course of action you may or may not take will determine what happens in the minutes that follow. It doesn't stop there because the more that time goes on in a crisis it can easily become hours or even days before there is a sense of normalcy or control.

If you don't have some direct answers to questions like these, then you are in the right place at the right time. Here at BlacktoNTR you have a number of courses, workshops and events that will assist you with increasing your abilities for survival.

The time is now to put yourself and your loved ones in a state of readiness that will provide you with confidence and the independence to make thing happen. Take advantage of the many platforms that are being offered throughout this new calendar year on our website and a develop your survival skills, increase your situational awareness and be ready to the better position yourself in the time of need.

Don't wait for the crisis to start the preparation process. Minimize the opportunity where the split second decisions turn into minutes, hours and days of frustration where you can be faced with a disaster or emergency and don't have a plan. Begin your planning from now and start with what you have.

Visit any of these links to register for your next session in Survival & Preparedness

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