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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

The year 6260AFK has been upon us,

and now with

Black to NTR Survival & Preparedness

you have a unique opportunity to engage in some experience and training for your

Preparedness and Surthrivability.

Survival & Preparedness -- Workshops -- Classes -- Presentations -- Camping

and more...

Black to NTR

Welcomes you to participate and get involved through a variety of activities that would assist you on your mission with your

Afrikan Family Survival & Preparedness.

If you are looking for a way to learn and engage more in your Awareness and Survival training then this is just right for you.

Customized for Individuals, Groups, Families and Curriculum.

Come and find out how to create and engage in

a Family Survival & Preparedness plan.

How to increase your Situational Awareness.

How to plan for Urban or Rural Survival.

Community & Team Building

and more...

Join Black to NTR

Thursday, January 16, '20

6pm EST

on the Harambee Connection Media Network HarambeeConnection.net

for an introductory online broadcast/presentation with live Q&A on what to expect for the upcoming calendar and how to get involved!

Connect to this presentation on the website above or call in to


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Always remember

"If you fail to plan, Then you plan to fail"

Afrikan Family Surthrive-Ability

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