Panic vs Preparedness

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Within the past few weeks the world has been experiencing an unfortunate reality that continues to increase even as the days go by. The Coronavirus - COVID 19 has been at the forefront of global awareness with epic concerns. Due to the daily loss of life and increased contamination this virus has been declared as a global pandemic.

With the degree of such an outbreak along with the daily information being shared, it raises multiple areas of concern with how to deal with the ongoing changes that individuals, families, communities, states and countries have to deal with.

As a result of this epidemic there have been nationwide school closings, business closures, sports cancellations, food and supply shortage, isolation and quarantines... While these conditions continue to escalate they present a wide range of challenges that need to be considered and managed.

A major area with how we view this crisis and multiple areas of concern is how things are interpreted and how they fluctuate between facts and conspiracy theories.

There are multiple sources of media and input that is circulating with all sorts of information about the cause and effects of this outbreak.

What are you focusing on, what matters to you? Be cautious with your sources of influence and how much time you put into the nature and existence of the disease more than how much time you manage your state of preparedness.

Some areas of consideration/concern

Origin of virus/disease - What's the cause

How is it spread - Is it vulnerable within a certain vicinity, or is it aerosol

Individual/isolated cases and how are they being treated now, future vaccinations/cures

Family applications- Elder care, Child care

Community and group planning

Preparedness level - Alert & response

Protective measures

Meeting needs educationally, financially, holistically...

Self/isolation - Quarantine

Containment zones - Mandatory quarantine - FEMA

Crime, desperation, untreated & unprepared

Mental health aspects - Depression, anxiety stress

Emergency Mobilization Preparedness

From this short list you can see that there are multiple areas of concerns that need a relative amount of attention. Needles to say that there is still a lot more to consider and factor in as you navigate through this crisis. However this is still not a time to panic, but rather a time to manage your preparedness and your state of wellness. Know that the areas where you spend most of your energies in, are the areas that may or may not benefit you in the long run. This crisis is an immediate and critical concern, but your rules of engagement is and must be for the long term benefits.

Panic at this time brings about an attitude or reactionary response to what is happening around you. It is, stressing out yourself based on how much you know or think you know. It is the foundation for fear that comes from being unprepared, feeling uniformed, not sure who to trust and on and on...

As you can see panic has a lot of external factors or things that you do not have control over.

Preparedness at this time should not be valued only by what you have and how much of it is accessible. While this is important these are only the external areas of ones preparation.

Your state of preparedness should have a plan of action that will navigate you through this crisis, such as having a sense of community and strong relations to keep things together, to support and defend your ability to thrive and your readiness to rebuild.

Internal areas of your preparations, especially at a time like this should have a focus on your health and wellness. Have you done enough to detox, build and maintain your immune system, are you eating properly and are you active? Are you aware that most of the reported deaths are with people who have had pre-existing conditions. The mental state of being isolated and depressed have also made them even more vulnerable to not being able to effectively defend against this virus.

Part of your preparedness puts you in a position to have manageable control of how you deal with or relate to what is happening around you.

Know, learn and engage in how to manage the scopes of building and maintaining unity in your family, community and ultimately your nationhood/nation building on all levels.

Do you realize that in the midst of this current global crisis that the recommended courses of action focuses on just the opposite - Abandon or isolate yourself and family from your elders. Rely on the localities to maintain the supplemental needs for your children. Self isolate yourself, don't go anywhere...

There are limitations to access for food, unless you are open to some self defeating fast food and junk food. Supplies are limited or are no longer accessible. Should you allow yourself to be a victim now or even beyond what is taking place?

After this event passes on and subsides there will be a lot of changes that will have been constructed and put in place by localities and governments. Are you going to conform or put yourself in a place of preparedness?

What are your elements of planning & preparedness right now that need to be taken in order for you to have a successful outcome for yourself, family and community?

Here at BlacktoNTR we will continue addressing these types of concerns and engage in ways to better position ourselves before, during and after crises like this.

Please share your thought and comments.

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