Camps & Training

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There will be a variety of on-line Presentations shared with you via

Black To NTR and their Community Partners.

These offerings made available to you are for your

Survival & Preparedness. They are provided for you to gain some resource and insights connected to Sovereign Planning, Skill Building & Liberation Strategies for the Afrikan Family.

All presentations provided are fully interactive so that you can gain the most from what is being shared with you at that time. As Workshops & Classes and camps are made available, you will be provided with the the appropriate links below to get connected.

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Fall Weekend Training Camp

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Nov. 2021

Weekend Training Camp


 In this camp the participants will be introduced to skills & knowledge necessary to function confidently in a short term survival situation.

This camp provides a hands on experience for individuals and families.


2022 BTN Updates
Camps & Training

Stay tuned for upcoming events and activities for you to engage in and explore for the 2022 Calendar.

Black to NTR will be providing you with multiple ways to train and develop your Surthrival Skill Sets.

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Resetting the Clock

Resetting the Clock is an annual series of camps designed to engage participants in active applications of Surthrival Skill Sets and Seasonal Preparations, for the upcoming seasons and beyond.